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Written by Pramila Kundu   
Tuesday, 03 April 2012 11:33

Q. Where is your office?

A. Our corporate office is in Hinjewadi.


Q. How do you accept payments?

A. We have Cash On Delivery, Online Payment via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking.


Q. What are your working hours?

A. Our operating hours are from 9 AM to 11 PM for phone orders. You can place online orders at 24*7.


Q. Can I gift a meal to somebody?

A. Yes, you can order from any restaurant in the city which are listed with us and gift a meal to your loved ones. You can directly pay through your credit/debit card or via net banking.


Q. Who is/are the owners of this company?

A. We are a Private company with no single/multiple owner/s. We have a separate division to handle this.


Q. The site is not opening on my computer/laptop. What could be the reason?

A. One of the reasons could be browser incompatibility to certain browsers. Our website is best viewed in Google chrome and Firefox.


Q. What are your charges for the delivery services?

A. Our delivery charges start from Rs.20 orders in vicinity. Applicable charges are calculated when you place the order and this depends on the total bill value and the distance of delivery from the restaurant. Delivery charges may change as per market forces


Q. I do not have internet at home, how can I access the menus?

A. Just call us on 020 22934011 and we will help you in placing your order from the restaurant of your choice.


Q. Can I place orders in advance?

A. Yes, you can. Either call us on 020 22934011 and give your order or place advance/future orders online.


Q. What is the advantage of ordering from you? I can call the restaurant directly and also get free delivery in the process?

A. Restaurants have a restricted delivery area, busy phone lines in peak days, varied customer service and manual order tracking whereas our delivery area is much larger than the restaurant. We store details of your past orders and multiple addresses, so re-ordering is very easy with us.


Q. How much time does it take for food delivery?

A. Delivery time depends upon the distance of delivery from the restaurant.


Q. Can I place order online? Is it monitored regularly?

A. Yes, of course.


Q. Are there any benefits for placing orders online?

A. There are far too many:

• You get to select food items with recipe and price description.

• Updated rates

• Online ordering is available 24*7. You can place orders in advance and they would be processed during our working hours.

• Complete order history can be tracked in your online profile.

• Pay online making payment feasible for your and our side.


Q. How do I know that your Food Delivery boy is charging me the correct delivery charge?

A. Make sure that you receive an official delivery receipt (if charges apply). DO NOT pay any charges if the receipt is not given. Also the customer support executive would tell you the delivery charge that you need to pay while placing the order.


Q. Do I have to pay any tax on the food amount?

A. You would need to pay taxes, when mentioned in the bill.


Q. Can I order from a restaurant that is not listed with you?

A. No, we deliver and process orders only from those restaurants that are associated with us.


Q. Can I pay online?

A. Yes, we have started accepting online payments via credit card/debit cards or internet banking.


Q. How does table reservation work? Do I get confirmed booking if I book through

A. We monitor orders till the last order is completed successfully. Any status update/issues/problems would be directly communicated to you by our team.


Q. My table reservation was confirmed by as well as the restaurant, but still when I went to the restaurant, I was made to wait!

A. LocalPickUpHomeDelivery only passes your information to the concerned restaurant and they confirm your reservations. In the weekends, holidays restaurants sometime don't confirm any reservations after 8:00 PM (for dinner) and after 1:00 PM (lunch) and any reservations placed after those times would directly be a walk-in. In all such cases, restaurants have the final authority to cancel any reservation without prior notice to the customer.


Q. I received a wrong order, will my money be refunded?

A. Yes, if you decide to cancel the order, else we will replace the parcel but no additional cost will be implemented to you.


Q. Some of the items I ordered for are missing in the parcel!

A. We will refund the amount charged for that item. If you opt to replace the item, the same will be delivered back to you and no additional cost will be implemented to you.


Q. The food has spilt out of the container, will I be charged for the same?

A. No. We will refund the amount charged for the spilt item. We also provide the option to replace the dish with no additional cost will be implemented to you.


Q. I want to cancel my order; will I be charged any money?

A. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled.


Q. I processed my order, but realized I missed some items, how can I update my order?

A. If you want to place the order online – You will need to place a fresh order for the missing items.


Q. The bill given to me is lower than the amount I paid online! How do I get the refund?

A. We will charge you only the amount mentioned on the bill. You will not be charged extra.


Q. I am told that the menu rates mentioned are higher than the restaurant prices, with LOCALPICKUPHOMEDELIVERY fees, credit card charges and other fees loaded. Am I paying more?

A. No. The prices you see online are the same as the home delivery menu of the restaurant. All additional fees, such as delivery charges, taxes, container charges etc will be clearly mentioned as separate charges.


Q. You have option to pay using credit card via phone, is this secure? Do your agents store or have access to my card details?

A. ALL payment options (including phone based payment) are using RBI approved secure transaction systems. Our payment gateways use SSL encryption technology to protect your card information.


Q. I am a loyal customer of the restaurant and they provide me a special discount, will LocalPickUpHomeDelivery also offer this to me?

A. No. Please check with the restaurant directly.


Q. I see that LocalPickUpHomeDelivery is providing certain discounts and deals on delivery, but the same is not available at the restaurant

A. Certain deals are exclusive only to LocalPickUpHomeDelivery customers. You can avail the offer only of you order from us.


Q. I want to gift a meal to a loved one can I pay on his/her behalf?

A. Yes. You may pay us using any of the payment options and we will deliver the order.


Q. I am outside India and I want to gift a meal to a loved one in India. Can I pay using my international credit card?

A. No.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 April 2012 12:54

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